Keep families connected.

The Problem

Prisons and jails separate communities and isolate people away from their families. Often this separation leads to loss of parental rights and causes trauma to parents and children alike. We must reduce the impact of incarceration on family relationships and community ties.

How We’ll Solve It

We must ensure that people can maintain relationships with their loved ones from behind prison walls and give people the opportunity to remain meaningfully connected without creating further financial hardship.

Connecting Families (S.3512/A.3402)

makes phone calls in prison free so that people do not have to choose between paying bills and keeping in touch with their loved ones.

Guaranteed Right to In-Person Visits (S.2841/A.4250)

ensures access to in-person visits at all jails and prisons so that families can spend time together in person.

Connecting FamiliesFact Sheet

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