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The Roadmap began as a group of advocates joining forces to push interconnected legislative action in our state to address the criminalization of immigrants and Black and brown communities. United as a platform, we shine light on the way our criminal and immigration legal systems interplay to separate, isolate, expel, and cage people. The Roadmap is a guide for New York’s elected officials to address some of the worst harms caused by these systems.

Explore the solutions

Winning the fight, changing the narrative.

We’ve been fighting since 2018, and we’ve been winning. Together we have celebrated significant wins, including bail reform, justice for domestic violence survivors, sentencing reform to protect immigrants from deportation, driver’s licenses for New Yorkers regardless of immigration status, the repeal of 50‑a, and keeping ICE out of our courts.

Thanks to the hard work of directly impacted people, advocates, and coalitions, the following legislation from past Justice Roadmap platforms is now law in New York State:

Significant Wins

Fair Access to Victims Compensation

Provides greater access to financial relief to survivors who would otherwise be barred from receiving victim compensation.

Challenging Wrongful Convictions

Allows New Yorkers to challenge convictions for offenses that New York has since decriminalized, for wrongful convictions, and for convictions based on faulty evidence or in violation of their rights.

Clean Slate

Automatically clears a New Yorker’s criminal record once they become eligible.

Green Light New York

Giving access to driver’s licenses for all, regardless of immigration status.

Pretrial Reform

Reducing the number of people detained pre-trial because they cannot afford bail

Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act

Reducing sentences for domestic violence survivors for offenses related to their abuse

Repeal 50a

Bringing transparency to police departments to help hold them accountable

One Day to Protect New Yorkers

Protecting immigrants from detention and deportation by reducing misdemeanor sentences by a single day

Protect Our Courts Act

Keeping ICE from using our courthouses to surveil and entrap immigrants

HALT Solitary Act

Ending the inhumane practice of prolonged solitary confinement

Marijuana Taxation and Regulation Act

Bringing transparency to police departments to help hold them accountable

Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act

Ending suspension of driver’s licenses due to inability to pay fines

Repeal Walking While Trans Ban

Ending the “walking while trans ban,” the law that enabled police to harrass transgender New Yorkers simply for existing

Codify the Right to Vote on Parole

Ending disenfranchisement of people reentering the community after completing a sentence

Decriminalize the Possession and Sale of Syringes

Encouraging safe use and reducing health risks to people who use drugs

Stop Immigration Bond Abuse Act/Break the Shackles

prohibits for-profit immigration bond companies from imposing electronic shackles and surveillance, comprehensively regulates the industry, ending deceptive contracts and abusive practices.

Restore Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for Incarcerated Students

expands access to education for incarcerated college students

Looking ahead.

With new members in our State legislature and new opportunities for transformative change , we are once again calling on New York to address our racist and anti-immigrant legal systems, and pass the entire Justice Roadmap into law.

Expanding our reach.

Our numbers continue to grow as we develop regional coalitions across New York State and ensure that we can uplift voices statewide on these important issues.

Decarcerate the Hudson Valley

is a coalition of community-based organizations, formerly incarcerated and directly impacted people, organizers and advocates in Westchester and the Hudson Valley who envision a world without cages. We work together to dismantle systems of criminalization and incarceration locally and across New York State with the understanding that they are built on white supremacy, target Black and brown communities and criminalize poverty. We fight to create alternatives that advance justice and liberation and build a world where all of our communities have what they need to thrive. To get involved, email Katie at [email protected].

Long Island Social Justice Action Network (LISJAN)

Transformative change to the criminal legal system in New York cannot be achieved without building the statewide power of Black and Brown communities who have been targeted, brutalized and disenfranchised by this system. LISJAN is building that power in Long Island. Through joint actions based on Long Island, we work to affect meaningful change and abolish systems of oppression. To get involved, email Serena at [email protected].

Free the People WNY

is a coalition of formerly incarcerated people, directly affected people, activists, organizers, and attorneys that envision a world free from the violence and death of mass incarceration. We act together to dismantle a justice system built on white supremacy and oppression, one that dehumanizes people, and we work to create in its place anti-racist systems with the values of collective liberation and true justice at their core. To get involved, email [email protected].