Choose community safety over police power.

The Problem

Police presence in our communities introduces more violence under the guise of preventing it, and police officers who harm our communities are not held accountable for their actions. Meanwhile, police continue to use pretextual laws to surveill and target certain communities, and act as de facto immigration enforcers and fueling the deportation machine.

How We’ll Solve It

We must demand accountability and transparency in policing and protect our community members from police violence.

End Qualified Immunity

Communities should be empowered to hold New York law enforcement accountable, and officers who commit harm and take lives should not be insulated from accountability.

Transparency in Police Custody (S.1184/A.5264A)

allows family members and lawyers to locate people in police custody and ensures that their basic rights are upheld.

NYPD’s Rogue DNA Database (S.1347/A.6124), Lying in Interrogations (S.324/A.5670), Police Interrogations of Young People (S.2800/A.5891)

ends abuses in police investigations and interrogations by banning the NYPD’s rogue DNA database, prohibits lying in police interrogations and requires consultation with an attorney before police interrogations of young people.

Stopping Violence in the Sex Trades (S.3075/A.849)

decriminalizes sex work between consenting adults, which too often results in immigration consequences for New Yorkers.

New York for All (S.3076/A.2328)

protects immigrants by barring law enforcement officers from sharing information with ICE or Customs and Border Patrol and prohibiting law enforcement from entering agreements to double as ICE agents.

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