Secure the dignity and opportunity of New Yorkers behind bars.

The Problem

New York State prisons strip people of their fundamental rights, while simultaneously failing to create access to higher education and opportunities for self-development. New York State also fails to respect people’s self-determined gender in determining housing and access to commissary.

How We’ll Solve It

New York must protect the rights, humanity, and access to education of people in prison.

Gender Identity Respect, Dignity and Safety Act (S.2860/A.709A)

ensures that people are placed and given access to commissary items based on their self-identified gender.

Freedom from Forced Labor Act (S.225/A.3412), Fairness and Opportunity for Incarcerated Workers Act

address the modern day slavery that currently exists in our prisons and jails by outlawing forced labor, providing fair wages and worker health and safety protections, and ensuring that all prison labor programs provide the skills and training necessary for successful rehabilitation, reentry and reintegration into the community.

Restore Voting Rights for People in Prison (S.316/A.412)

ends Jim Crow era voter disenfranchisement of Black and Latinx New Yorkers by restoring voting rights to people in prison.

Connecting Families (S.1942/A.2164)

makes phone calls in prison free.

Right to In-Person Visits (S.3318)

codifies the right to in-person visits so families can spend time with their incarcerated loved ones.

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